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Is this your first PBJ Talks™ Event?

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Fear...not so much. Fear is what keeps you from walking into what you know to be true about your future and what you were wonderfully crafted to do. Time is short; let's get started!

There are two parts to the PBJ Talk experience.



  • Have you ever turned down an opportunity – big or small – because it involved public speaking in some form; you thought you weren't quite ready for the exposure due to nervousness or fear?

  • Are you someone who has the desire to stand in front of an audience (live or virtual) completely unintimidated, unshaken – ready to share your gifts, talents, and/or products?

  • Have you been feeling a bit different it's time to push beyond your comfort zone and do things you've never done before because the time is now?


If you've answered 'yes' to at least one of these questions, this masterclass is for you!

The PBJ SHIFT is a 1.5-hour introductory class designed to coach you out of your fears. Through a series of stimulating exercises (no sweating involved) you'll learn the true power of collaboration, how to reset your mind, and then use your voice as a catalyst for change.


This is not the typical 'three ways to give a better speech' workshop. No. We're reaching down to the root cause and pulling out your destiny. Sound a bit dramatic? It is. But desperate times call for desperate measures. The 'fearless you' is needed. Together, we'll find her and push her forward with the tools and resources needed to succeed. The SHIFT event is open to all backgrounds and ages. Click here to register for the next class


Ongoing support and growth are necessary. PBJ Tune-Up events are private, virtual group sessions that allow us to come together, recharge, and work on our public speaking skills. Think Toastmasters on steroids with lots of laughs, gourmet food, and breakthrough. Click below to send an email expressing your interest. You've found your tribe!


Change your mindset, change your future. Easier said than done, so our job is to provide you with the tools and support to make it happen.


You're never alone.
We're the right coach and team to put you on the 'no fear' path for success. Your voice is needed.


Your life was created for a purpose. You have important work to do and there is no better time than now. Go!

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