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Having the ability to speak in public, in boardrooms, and give effective pitches is absolutely necessary for today's market regardless of your niche, field or position. Peanut Butter Jelly (PBJ) Talks were created to help you find your voice and use it – effectively and without fear. It's all about shifting your mindset from failure to success, collaborating, and engaging!


The PBJ SHIFT is a 1-hour introductory class designed to coach you out of your fears. Through a series of stimulating exercises (no sweating involved) you'll learn the true power of collaboration, how to reset your mind, and then use your voice as a catalyst for change. 


 IMPORTANT  Don't let finances hold you back from your destiny. Due to recent events, we believe it's our duty to make this event affordable to attend. We are currently offering a unique payment model where you will pay only what you can afford. During registration, you will enter the promo code that applies to you.


SPEAK7 - You will pay $7

SPEAK50 - You will pay $50

SPEAK100 - You will pay $100

SPEAK190 - You will pay the full amount of $190

Payments are accepted through PayPal; however, you can also proceed as a 'Guest' and enter a valid credit or debit card for payment without an account. As always we are on the 'honor system' here; please click below to register. See you online!

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